Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Re-do of saved blog from memory

So I had a blog I was working on so I could get caught up and well I can't find the saved file.  I had a list of things to put on here but now I think I will just do a simple post and try to keep up from there.  LOL,  I know I won't keep up!
We have be remodeling and trying to keep up with Zander.  The remodel was a lot easier than keeping up with Zander.

 This was my favorite part cause I meant we were almost done.

 One of Zander's favorite things to do outside is to chase the dog around with the hose.  The laughter is endless.

For awhile there we had a spaceman.  I don't know why but every time he saw the drum he had to empty it and put it on his head.

We had a lot of family come into town this summer,  and I am horrible about remembering my camera so you will have to take my word when I say we do spend time with family.  Zander got to visit with my youngest cousins for the first time and was just beside himself when he got to play with Evan.  Then just a couple weeks later Cody's brothers, one of the sister in- laws and the two wonderful nephews were here.  While the boys were all here it was major construction the whole time.  Wish we would have done more but there is always next year.

The other big news we had to end the summer with is Cody knocked me up.  The funny thing about us getting pregnant when we did is Cody told me "hun, you better go out and have a fun weekend cause I am going to get you pregnant".  I laughed at him and well a month later I was peeing on a stick that started flashing pregnant.  So when Maura made the comment about Cody patting his pecker saying I am the man it fit very well.

Now Halloween, my favorite holiday, has come and gone,  which means Christmas is just around the corner.

 Cody really likes the mom boobs I am getting, LOL.  He isn't really going after them here that is just how it looks I promise.
Happy Halloween and welcome fall.  I will try and keep this more up to date But I make no promises.